Friday, January 9, 2015

Yes... it has been a while my friends, but for good reason... Read below!

Wow, I've been a horrible blogger.  But it hasn't been because I've been lazy... ok well maybe a little bit... ok alot of the reason.  So many things have been going on in the last year, feels like a whirlwind.  Lets start off with some of the good!

I GOT A BOOK DEAL.  Woot!  We're editing now and doing some changes to the cover and such.  But you can pre-order on Amazon right now!  Click the link to the cover below!

Also I've been doing writing for a variety of different sources.  I have my monthly column in HOT ROD Magazine.  Also I've had works in Muscle Car Review and Mopar Collectors Guide, with future column in Survivor Car Australia.

In addition to written and photographic work.  I helped arrange the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals Barn Find / Hidden Gems display for the 3rd year with more amazing cars then ever.  You can see the coverage in a variety of magazines coming out now and on my own blog on HOT ROD Magazine's website. 

Last year's work on Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals Barn Find Display gave me my first, and hopefully last, cover shot with me in it!  You can actually download and read the article.

But I've been very active on my Facebook page, The Auto Archaeologist, I'm also on Instagram as theautoarcheologist and twitter as "autoarcheology".

Of course most of my pictures end up on Flickr at some point.

On the other side of the coin, the company I was working for downsized, and I was part of that downsizing.  So I've been without a full time job since then.  But it has allowed me to travel a bit more and see more Barn Finds! 

But do not worry, I am back on the case!  I have a ton of backed up blogs I have to put together.  So they will start trickling out!

If you have any questions or any leads on cool cars.  Drop me a line!

Ryan Brutt

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Barracudas by the lake

After visiting my friend with the tractor trailers, I kept my track and was heading North.  I thought about that 70 Barracuda I had noticed in some trees the week before.  So I decided to swing by again, and see if the owner was around.  I got more then I was asking for!


 I rolled down the street and saw the Barracuda off in the trees, but this time the garage door was open!  The Challenger came to a screeching halt, which brought the owner out from around the back of the house.  I introduced myself and told him what I do.  He said it was alright that I document the cars.



The home where the cars were stored at used to belong to his mother, unfortunately she had passed away, and the son had moved into the home to clean it up.  And since the 80's the car hadn't moved from the garage.





In the 80's the car was rough, so there is a lot of mud (bondo) in the car, but it has everything of the era that made these cars cool.  The kidney bean rims, the big tires in back that stuck out past the quarters, a fiberglass hood.  It was all there.




We didn't want to disturb the car, so we didn't open the doors or pop the hood.  I could see from the VIN the car was an original 340 car, lesser known then it's AAR brethren.  It was still a potent car.  Especially with this one being a 4-speed on the floor.  The owner remembers having a great time with the car, and hopes to someday soon get it out and about again.




Out in the trees was the other car, another 340 car.  This one though an automatic.  It was a parts car long ago for the other one, and it still had a few pieces on there, so the owner never thought to get rid of it.  So it just sat outside under the trees for the past few decades, collecting a beer can or two in that time.







I thanked the owner for his time and got on my way.  I still stop by there a few times a summer and talk with the owner.  The car in the garage still hasn't moved, but it's in a better place then many of the cars I find are at.

You can see the original HOT ROD Magazine article CLICK HERE 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tractor Trailers full of Mopars: Part Three

A few weeks had gone by and I made my way back to my friend with the tractor trailers. This time though he had plenty of time to open up everything he had. First thing first was his friends project 70 Barracuda sitting out front.


We moved onto the tractor trailer containers. The first one we opened up had a low miles 72 Dodge Dart 4-door in it. In the same trailer was a vintage tire change machine, it was the same machine he used when he was a young boy working at a gas station in town. He found it for sale decades later and was able to buy it!




Next one had an old 40's car, a 2-door though.





Next up was an old Ford he had lying around.



In another smaller box was a very nice and clean 1971 Dodge Charger. Not a R/T or SuperBee, but a nice clean good running car that was kept out the elements.





Then we walked back to the main row of cars. Where most of the tractor trailers had been stashed. Getting back there you walk right past the rare M-Code Darts, Satellite Sebring and a few others.





Right next to the cars sitting outside was a tractor trailer nearly full of parts and one car. That one car turned out to be another M-Code 440 Dart. This one fared in better shape being in the trailer for who knows how many years. But it was safe and sound.




Making our way down to the other side of the tractor trailers to see what treasures were there to behold.


First one was a cool Cadillac that he had put a full custom frame and air-ride suspension on. He got busy though and hadn't had a chance to finish it, so he put it away for a rainy day.


Next up was a double trailer! He had a 1971 Plymouth GTX 440 auto car, and a mid-60's Ford Falcon 2-door in front of it.



The other big trailer had again two cars, but this time it was two really cool ones. The closest one to the door was a 1972 Dodge Charger with B5 blue paint and hideaway headlights.




Behind it though was the really interesting car. It was a 1971 Dodge SuperBee. For 1971 the SuperBee was moved over from the Coronet lineup since that car no longer had a 2-door version. So the one year only Dodge Charger SuperBee was born. This one in Plum Crazy Purple with a 383 c.i. big block and a automatic on the floor!




The biggest issue was that the owner hadn't been in this trailer for years. He had no idea that a tree had broken one of the skylights on the roof, allowing water to rain down on the car for years. So it was more rusted then any of the others.



We moved onto some of the non-car related trailers full of wonderful, rare Mopar parts.







After all the walking and talking I had to take off. I thanked my new friend for showing me all the cool stuff he had lying around. He appreciated that I was enthusiastic about the cars and parts and told me I was welcome back anytime. As I headed out, I thought about what the rest of my day would entail. Little did I know that there was still one big find left for the day!


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